Consignment Agreement

1.) General Merchandise: A percentage of the selling price shall be retained by ADAMS COUNTY SURPLUS & BUILDING SUPPLY~

        a) Items up to $1000.00= 18% Commission with a minimum commission of $2.00

        b) Item over $1001.00 = 12% Commission

2.) Liability: ADAMS COUNTY SURPLUS & BUILDING SUPPLY assumes no liability for theft, fire, loss, damage to or destruction of any item consigned.

3.) End of Contract: Consignor must pick up all unsold items at the end of the four month contract from the date of consignment or renew in person or call 717-677-7789 for another (4) months. All unsold items not picked up after the end of the contract period will become the property of ADAMS COUNTY SURPLUS & BUILDING SUPPLY.

4.) Price: ADAMS COUNTY SURPLUS & BUILDING SUPPLY will determine a price with you.

5.) Consignment Checks: Checks are issued 30 days after the final sale. Checks must be picked up with in 30 days or prior arrangements for mailing of the check with a $1.00 charge.

6.) One-time Consignor Fee: Contracts will be charged a $5.00 fee to cover processing.